Our reflux baby

Since Layla-Rose had begun feeding properly we noticed that she was bringing up a lot of her feed however being new parents we thought that this was normal then one day I was out with my mum and Layla suddenly went pale and floppy we took her straight to a and e and were admitted while they found out the cause. 

Layla -Rose was immediately set up with lots of monitors as was sent for lots of different tests. Only one parent could stay so we took it in turns to stay overnight. Also as parents we weren't able to have any hospital food so whoever was staying the other would have to bring them meals. Layla was tested for sleep apneya, diabetes, iron deficiency and some others I don't remember.

During our time in hospital Layla started refusing to feed so they had to tube feed her. By day three they had ruled out most illnesses and we were told it was just a virus. The tube came out and again just as before she was vomiting with every feed. The nurse came in and explained to use what a posit was and what counted as vomit (I think she didn't believe us) but then she threw up right in front of her! It was then they diagnosed her with reflux. 

Once we knew it was reflux the doctors then began trying medication to help her keep her food down. We left the hospital on gavison in every other feed and rantitdine 3 times a day which was to coat her throat to stop the pain when the feed comes back up as they thought the root cause to her going pale and floppy was her holding her breath so as to not allow feed to come up because she was in so much pain. 

We were sent home and the following day Layla cried all day and when I say all day I mean ALL day and then in the evening she was sleepy and unresponsive. Not wanting to go straight into A and E again I decided we would ring 111. The result an ambulance ride to the hospital. When we were seen by the doctor and he wanted to change Layla's milk to a dairy free one as he said even though they thought she had reflux it could be lactose intorelent although this didn't explain the crying and then the unresponsiveness. 

Fast forward till now and poor Layla-Rose is on so much medication and we are at the hospital for appointments around once a month. She has 2 lots of gavison in every feed, ranitidine and domperidone but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference with her sickness so we have made the decision to begin weaning now in the hope that she will put more weight on and keep more down. we are burping her during feeds and keeping her upright for half an hour after but her reflux is still proving to be a real problem if anyone has any helpful hint please let us know.   

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