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As a result of the OC in pregnancy (see previous post) I was taken in to be induced on Friday the 20th November 2015. Being induced takes all of the excitement out of labour as you know exactly when you will be going in. On the Friday morning I was instructed to ring the maternity unit at 9am so they could assess how busy they were. Luckily for me they weren't very busy so off we went. The picture is me 36+6 weeks pregnant but I would hit 37 weeks while I was waiting for baby to get a move on. I was taken to a ward where they explained the induction procedure. they were to begin by sticking a pessary (up there) that was just like a ribbon. what they didn't tell you though is that it has to be right up by your cervix so that wasn't nice at all! They allow 30 hours for it to work so there I was on a ward just waiting for it to kick in. That night the woman opposite me went into full labour so I got to hear EVERYTHING before she was whisked away into the labour ward. By day two I was having contractions and showing signs of labour. The bouncy ball became my best friend but I was only offered paracetamol, as if that was going to help. By night fall I was having lots of contractions so was moved into my own room. I was so glad of the privacy and the peace and that night I was able to get a decent nights sleep but this also meant my contractions had stopped so by morning I was back to square one. The next step was to put a tablet (up there) and that would be left to work for 6 hours and if that didn't work I would have to have a C section. So yet again on Sunday we played the waiting game. 

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  1. My friend was induced at a similar time to you (around 37 weeks) and it took ages to work for her, in the end she had to have a C section which was obviously not what she had hoped for. I think in some ways it would make it scarier, too, waiting in the hospital knowing it will start soon. #puddinglove


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