My birth story

Everyone loves a good birth story, well I love a good birth story. I also love telling my birth story so here you go! 
Before I even went into labour I think people were seriously scared at how bad I would be I am such a wimp! no pain threshold what so ever. I thought it was going to go one of two ways, either I would be the world's best person in labour (insert picture of Kortney Kardashian pulling her own child out) or the world's worst person (insert a demon).
So I was in hospital being induced and began feeling those labour pains again so I was on my best friend (the big yoga ball that was in the room) rocking back and forth. My waters still hadn't broke at this point but I was in so much pain. I go checked out by the midwife to see how I was getting on but I wasn't even dilated! I got up to go for a wee and water just gushed out I thought I had wet myself we called the midwife and she confirmed that part of my waters had broke. Apparently you have 2 lots of waters?! How annoying! I though this meant I was well on my way to baby but when I got checked again still not a bean. How can I be in this much pain and not even be dilated! 
I was about to be in danger of becoming the demon when I was give an injection of diamorphine. I smiling as I write this as it was the best thing in the world!!!!! I completely relaxed and zoned out. My OH thought I was hilarious and I think he was secretly happy as it meant he got to sit back and read his book. I had gotten in the zone then and was able to breathe through my pains but after about 2 hours the pain was getting unbearable I was so annoyed as I thought I would have at least 4 hours rest bite! All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming urge to push its so hard to explain but every part of me had to push. I tried explain this to my OH who I think panicked at this point telling me its not time yet. The urge happened again and then all of a sudden it was all wet I then said it was an emergency that that felt different and we needed someone now! I'm not sure what happened then but the next thing I know the midwife is pulling off my shorts to check how dilated I was she didn't even do the proper check by adopting the cheery panic voiuce that as a teacher I knew all to well. 'Right you are fully dilated and crowning so we need to get you down to the labour ward.' then turned to my other half. 'Go and get the other midwives and tell them its an emergency. We need a wheelchair now and labour need to be phoned!' Now at North Manchester hospital the labour ward is a floor below the maternity ward so in order to get there we had to travel down the lift. As my OH left the room the midwife turned to me and told me to whatever happens do NOT push until I get to the labour ward or I would be giving birth in the lift! I somehow managed to get into the wheelchair and I was run down to the labour ward with a midwife clearing the corridor and the other midwife running me down in the wheelchair my poor OH just followed in a daze, We made it to the labour room and I was finally allowed gas and air which I took to help me get from the chair onto the bed. Once there I told the midwife that I needed to push she smiled and she said that's what you are here for! I pushed and felt what lots of other mums before had described to me like someone was giving a Chinese burn there! So I closed my legs and told them I wasn't doing it because it hurt! The midwife then full named me and told me to open my legs and pushed! That's all the encouragement I needed so I pushed twice and she arrived all in one go! I don't know who was more shocked me or the midwives?! She was beautiful and perfect but to my surprise I didn't even cry to be honest I had to asked 10 plus times if she was ours! 
The placenta came fine I don't think I even had to push much. It just felt like giving birth to a jellyfish. 
Then came the worst part. The stitches. Although they numb it you know what they are doing down there and you can still feel the pull! So to numb the pain I made my OH rap the fresh prince of bel air! 
So Sunday the 22nd November at 9:43pm our beautiful baby girl was born perfectly fine despite being 3 weeks early and our family of 2 became a family of 3. 


  1. Awwww what a lovely birth story. I have had 2 inductions (unfortunately they never worked for me), but I know exactly what you mean when the pains are excruciating and then they say you are dialated... Ummm WTF

    My natural labour was extremely quick at the end likes yours. It's a wonderful feeling to deliver your baby.

    I love the idea of you OH rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I might try and get my OH to do this when I go in to labour this time.

    I love your Little girls name, Layla Rose, it's beautiful. I look forward to reading more about your journey into Motherhood

    Cherrysnotmyname ��
    Cherie ��

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for reading 😊 I know I was very lucky with my labour heard sooo many horror stories.


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