Was it a surprise?

These days I am considered a 'young' mum even though I was 26 when Layla - Rose was born. As me and my OH weren't married the most common reaction when I told people that I was pregnant was 'oh was it a surprise?' or 'was it planned?' I mean why do people become so nosey once you get pregnant?! I used to get really frustrated when people asked that as we had been trying for 7 months! Not it wasn't a surprise just because we aren't married we have been together for 6 years! 

Another thing, when we told people we were pregnant, people would say 'well done' it was super weird so basically people were saying 'well done for having unprotected sex!' Especially when that well done came from the in laws *cringe* 

My OH didn't want to tell ANYONE we were pregnant until we had had the 12 week scan but I had other thoughts. I thought if something terrible happens I am going to want to be able to talk to certain people about it. We decided to tell our families and I came up with a really cute way. I found out that at 6 weeks my baby was the size of a sunflower seed so I put a seed in a box with a note. They were very well received! We made a special trip down to see my family but the best reaction has to go to my brother who I told over the phone. He simply said 'bloody hell!' I could hear the smile on his face through the phone and he has been a proud uncle ever since. 


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