What is your mum style?

The recent hot weather has got me thinking..OK panicking about what to wear. Last summer I was pregnant and had bought an array of maternity tops and was proudly showing off my growing bump. However, ever since having Layla-Rose I have been struggling to feel secure and happy in my new 'Mum bod'.

In my maternity top just days after giving birth. First time I was out of my pjs!

Throughout my pregnancy I hadn't put on any weight and in fact in my first trimester I had managed to lose 1/2 a stone just  through sickness. Throughout the rest of my pregnancy I had more food aversions rather than cravings so shortly after giving birth to Layla I was a whole stone and a half lighter than before I was pregnant. 

Before those Christmas pounds
Then came Christmas, the late nights, early mornings and the boredom of being at home. Before I knew it I was supporting a lot more weight around my middle and then came the nice weather so off I set up into the attic to retrieve my summer clothes. I am pleased to report they still fit but did they still suit me and my now new mum status? My partner didn't think so. 'you're showing to much skin, your're a mum now.' I don't think he meant it as an insult but I took it as one and so those nice summer clothes have been put back up in the attic. This led me to the question as a Mum what do you wear in the summer? I want to feel confident in my new skin but have no idea how to dress myself. I feel like I am 12 again in that awkward no longer in child clothes but to childish for adult clothes stage. 

Instead of style I have gone for comfort so my current Mum style is baggy tops, leggings and bottoms with an elasticated waist. I have however managed to build up a new collection of go to clothes and some tips and tricks of my own: 

Layering - With my new found mum tum I am so conscious of wanting to keep it covered so I tend to wear a long strappy top as my base layer and then one of my new baggy tops over it sometimes I add a scarf too. 

Kimonos- I adore kimonos so had built up quite a collection before I was pregnant. I love how they dress up any outfit as well as cover up my upper arms.

Batwing sleeves - I have always been concious of my upper arms and love the floaty feel they give an outfit. 

A fitted waist - If and when I am able to go a bit more dressed up (usually when I am headed into school for a meeting) I love to wear outfits that skim over my tummy but pull in at my waist. Sometimes I even add a belt. 

Anyone else got any good tips and tricks or a favourite 'mum' outfit? Anyone else as lost as I am when it comes to summer?


  1. I love your style! I love the top tips to cover a mum tum!


  2. Hi, my advice is to dress as 'you' and not as a Mum. Wear whatever you find comfortable, whether it's a strappy, low slung top or a baggy old tee shirt, you are still you and you still need to be you. Believe me enough of 'you' will get lost along the way being a Mum, just be you.

    Kimonos are fun, casual and comfy though!



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