My Liebster award blog post

I have been tagged in the Liebster Award blogging meme by TinBoxTraveller. Thank you so much for the nomination and please go and have a nosey at her post here.
From what I understand the Liebster Award is for bloggers just starting out or with low followers on social media. 
Here are the Liebster rules:
  1. Thank your nominator and link back to them from your post.
  2. Answer the questions you’ve been set and tag your nominator when you share your post on social media.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers to answer some questions from you. Don’t forget to let them know!
So here are my nominations:
  1. The reading mummy
  2. babies, biscuits and booze
  3. my sleeping bub
  4. the toddler chef
  5. porridge and parenting 
  6. Detrice Matthews 
  7. That wise lady
  8. Top five mum
  9. Beta Mummy
  10. The ordinary Mum
  11. Along came mummy
Here are the questions Tin Box Traveller asked me:
  1. What’s your favourite foreign food?
Oh goodness I love Italian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican food but if I had to pick one I would go for a good old Indian curry. 

2.What’s your best memory from a holiday?

My best holiday memory would be when I was 9 years old my grandparents paid for the 4 grandchildren to go on holiday to Florida with them and it was truly amazing one to have the whole family there and two because it was where my parents got married. 

3.How many times have you moved house?

I think 10 times but this does include moving 4 times while studying at uni.

4.Where’s your favourite place in your home country?

A place that will always be special in my heart is where I grew up in the south west of the country in a little town called Westbury it's just so pretty and holds so many amazing memories. 

5. Camping or all inclusive?

All inclusive definitely I come on holiday to relax! 

6.Where were you this time last year?

This time last year I was in the very early days of my pregnancy with my now 5 month old and me and the OH were so excited about our little secret!

7.What’s your best tip for holidaying with kids?

We haven't been lucky enough to take our little bean on holiday yet!

8.What have you got planned for your next day out?

Our next day out is actually just a date day where we are going to play golf! As in a family day we love going out in our local area and going on lots of walks together as our new family especially when the weather is nice. 

9.What do you find most useful for planning your travels: guide books, Trip Advisor, blogs or something else?

I tend to use Trip Advisor ALOT but the more I read blogs and vlogs the more this is influencing days out and future holidays. 

10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I'm so happy where I live now in Manchester but if I could have my cake and eat it I would also have a home down south where I grew up.

11.If you could be sat next to anyone on a plane for five hours, who would it be?

cheesefest but my OH he drives me crazy but he is my crazy.

and here are your questions:
  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. Can you describe your blog?
  3. Do you hope to gain anything from blogging? If so what?
  4. Who are your blog idols?
  5. What was life like before you became a mummy?
  6. If you could give one bit of advice for a mum to be what would it be?
  7. What is your favourite thing to do to unwind? 
  8. What is your favourite thing to do with your children?
  9. What have you learnt about yourself since you became a mother?
  10. What has been your favourite mum moment so far?
  11. What are your future hopes for your children?
Don’t forget to tag me when you share your post on Twitter so I can have a read and comment!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination but I have actually already done a Liebster award post. Lovely to get to know some more about you though.


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