Dummies, the good, the bad, the ugly

Before we had Layla-Rose we were dead against dummies I thought there was no need to have them. It stopped their teeth developing properly and their speech. Plus if you look after a baby properly they don't need a dummy. There is a lot of judgement, I feel, on dummies and parents that use them and I hate to admit it but before I Layla-Rose this is how I felt too. 

Even though we said no dummies a few friends still bought us them as gifts so by the time Layla was born she had a collection of about 4 dummies. 

When Layla came into our lives we weren't prepared for just how poorly she would be and just how much she would cry! It was on one of those crying episodes in the middle of the night 2/3am where the subject of dummies was brought up again. 

(while furiously jigging baba up and down around the bedroom)

Me: Some parents use dummies at  night you know
OH: We said we weren't doing dummies
Me: I read somewhere it could help her reflux
OH: We said we were against them

Cue another 30 minutes of screams

OH: Just go and get the dummy but don't tell anyone 
Me: It will be our little secret

Well almost 5 months have past since that night and we haven't looked back obviously everyone now knows we use a dummy and it has actually been such a life saver in so many ways. It calms her, helps her sleep and in my opinion, helps with her reflux. 

I don't know how long we will end up using a dummy for but I have defiantly changed my tune in regards to using a dummy like so many other things since becoming a mum. 

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  1. Our eldest never used a dummy but our son needed one as he didn't have an off switch! He would eat and eat until he was sick. A dummy meant he could learn to stop. We're slowly weaning him off now but he'll have to go cold turkey soon!


    1. Would love to here how the weaning is going! Thinking about weaning this one fills me with dread!

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