Next to me cot review

Layla hated her Moses basket. She also hated sleeping at night. We spent the first 8 weeks trying everything and anything to get her to sleep (see blog post here). In a sleep deprived haze, I went to mothercare in desperation to look at the next to me cot in the hopes it would solve all of our problems. The woman was so helpful but before I bought it I practically begged her to reassure me it would get my baby to sleep. I took it home and I was skeptical. We were surprised by its easy set up and hoped this was the answer we had been waiting for.
It wasn’t an overnight success. It took Layla time to get used to her next to me cot but I can honestly say I don’t think I have better spent £150. The cot is huge plenty of room for Layla to grow (she is 8 months old and still sleeps in it) and spread out if she needs to while sleeping. The cot fits next to our bed and we have been able to put it on a slope to help with Layla’s reflux.
The best things about the next to me cot is the fact that it joins onto your bed and you can pull down a side to easily access your child. This was amazing as I spent the first few days hanging in the cot so Layla would have an easier transition from our bed into her own.
It’s also great for travelling. It founds into a bag and we have taken it to numerous visits to family and friends houses with no great difficulty.

The only problem we have to the next to me cot is that Layla loves it so much we are finding it hard to get her out of it!


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