Let's have a baby!

Having a baby was for us a very concious decision. The OH had been wanting a baby for years and I had always wanted to be married, have bought a house and generally settled into married life but as time went on I was beginning to have less and less reasons to say no and after a conversation with a friend I decided there would never be the 'perfect' time to have a baby so there and then I decided I was ready. 

Being ready to start trying for a baby when I wasn't married (or even engaged) was a big deal for me but I had been with my OH for 6 years by this point and did not think that type of commitment was coming any time soon, who knows the thought of a baby on the way might even spur him on! 

We decided to not try for a baby but just to stop trying to not have one. This my friends does not work. You are either trying for a baby or not trying. Months went by and nothing until in early January I was late, very late. We took a test but it was negative still I was sure something was different. A few days later I had some spotting (an early sign of pregnancy) and I got excited, maybe I had just taken the test too early. Then a few days after that I awoke with the most almighty pain in my tummy like a period pain but 10X worse. To spare you the details I ended up ringing the doctors and they confirmed my fear that I most likely had been pregnant but had unfortunately had a very early miscarriage so early in fact that if I hadn't been trying for a baby I could have mistaken it for a very late, painful and heavy period. 

We had been trying for 4 months when this happened and although I was upset by this I was also thankful that we had been given a sign that it was possible to get pregnant. This was also the time we decided to consciously try. I began tracking my cycle, when I was ovulating and googling a lot. 

April came and I was late. We were away for a week visiting my family and friends and everyday that went by I became more and more sure that I was pregnant. By the time we got back I was 90% sure I was pregnant so I did a test and it was positive!!!! I cried and was in shock that we actually did it! The OH made me do a clear blue that again came out positive. The OH was now 90% sure but made me go to the doctors to check. FYI ladies you don't need to go to the doctor the home tests are just as accurate or though it did feel nice having a professional confirm it. 

Now that we were pregnant it was just the case of letting everyone know...


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