Top Teething Tips

'Just wait till she's teething.' They said. 'You won't know what hit you.'
By the time Layla was ready to start teething I had heard all of the horror stories of sleepless nights and inconsolable babies. However, as we already had a baby like that, I wasn't sure it could get that much worse for us! But like any new parent I wanted to be ultra prepared so I thought I would share some things we bought, some things we wish we had and others we needn't have bothered with.

Nurofen - After shoving calpol down Layla's neck for a few weeks to help with the pain of teething I was told by a fellow Mum that nurofen is better as it stops swelling and targets the pain better. We made the switch and I have to admit we noticed a big difference.

Bonjela - I would coat this on here mouth guard (see below) and she would happily suck it off while chewing. Not sure how much it helped but it kept her quiet for 10 minutes!

Anbesol - I think this had a more reliving effect than the bonjela when rubbed on her gums and we even put some on her dummy on occasion to help ease the pain.

Powders - Lots of Mums swear by these but I don't think we used them enough for me to be able to comment on them as I could never remember to keep with the dosage (every 2 hours) so we didn't get much use out of these.

Teething toys - Some of these are still in our freezer! She didn't like teething rings from the fridge or freezer as I think she found these to tough and cold on her teeth. She'd much prefer biting everything she shouldn't such as my phone!

Mouth guard and other chews - Yes she looked like a boxer and we got some funny stories but she loved these! Especially with a coating of bongela over them that she could suck off.

Foods - Another great teething soother we found was food. She seemed to love the cooling effect foods like cucumber had on her gums.

Do you have any more top teething tips?


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