Blood clots of all kinds

We were just over a week in with our new born and back out of hospital (read about our reflux experience here) when I was taking a shower and then all of a sudden heard a thud on the shower floor what I saw was a massive lump of blood. I felt faint and immediately begun to panic I knew that this was not normal. I rang the maternity assessment unit and was told to come in right away. The whole journey I felt faint and was terrified that it was a postpartum haemorrhage after all the blood clot was way bigger than a 50 pence piece. I was assessed and had a scan where they found lots of blood clots still in my womb. I was told they should pass naturally within a week, was giving antibiotics in case of infection and to come back to get another scan to see how I was getting on. A week passed by and I went in for my next scan, no change the blood clots were still there I was told I would have to be given a tablet that causes contractions in order to force the rest of the clots out. This was not happy news after all I had just gone through labour to push out a baby, I wasn't about to go through it again to push out a clot! I pleaded with them and they allowed me to give it one more week. The week came and went and I headed back for another scan and everything crossed. The blood clots had gotten smaller so I was allowed home for my body to sort itself out naturally. Thank god. 

After my delightful run in with womb blood clots I thought my after birth nightmares were over, that was until my right calf became sore. I ignored it for over a week but after lots of pleading from my OH I headed to the doctors. The doctors felt my calf and measured them as having one calf bigger than the other is a sign of a blood clot they were fine but I was sent marching back to hospital to get it checked out just in case. I got sent for a scan and they confirmed my OH's fears I had a blood clot in one of my major veins in my leg so was given tablets that I had to take everyday for 3 months. 

What amazed me is after I found out I had a blood clot in my leg I found out about so many preventative measures I could have taken that I didn't know about such as wearing the areoplane socks and not sitting cross legged (which I do all the time).

I would like to hear if anyone else experienced a blood clot after pregnancy? Did it come back?  Has anyone had another baby after a blood clot and what measures had to be taken in your follow up pregnancy? I heard you have to inject yourself?! Any information would be helpful. 


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