Top tips for a reflux baby

After my last post all about how Layla-Rose got diagnosed with reflux I though mums who have reflux babies or suspected reflux babies might want some tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way. 

Dr Browns bottles
As soon as we decided to bottle feed our midwife recommend Dr Browns bottles which have an insert in the bottles which help stop the baby swallow to much air when feeding. I'm not sure how much difference they have made as we have used them since day one but I do like the numbers are etched on in plastic, rather than the tommie tippie bottles whose marks wash off. A word of warning though don't put boiling water in and then add the insert and lid straight away as the hot water then explodes out!

Burp your baby lots
To stop any trapped wind keep burping your baby throughout the feed we used to do it after every 20ml although Layla screams the house down if we stop the feed now! 

keep your baby upright
After each feed keep your baby upright for about half an hour to allow the milk to settle. This can be a pain especially during the night feeds when your baby falls fast asleep and you have to hold your baby upright its worth it though as the nights where we don't we end up having to change the sheets because she has vommed in her cot. 

Dribble bibs
Before I had Layla-Rose I wondered what the triangle shaped bibs were for and would I actually use these? Surely I would only need the round food bibs. However, those round food bibs do not look great with an outfit but having a reflux baby bibs are not optional unless you want to end up with about 10 outfit changes a day. We now own at least 20 different bibs of different colours that match different outfits but it's so much easier than having to constantly change a whole outfit. 

Muslin Cloths
Coming hand in hand with the dribble bibs no newborn essential list should be without muslin cloths and this is especially the case with reflux babies as much as a barrier for you as well as an extra barrier for the babies clothes. I make sure I have some close to hand in almost ever room in the house. 

Elevated sleeping
During our hospital stay we were advised to keep Layla on a slant when she slept to help keep her food down this was really difficult in her moses basket but once we got the chico next to me cot we were able to place it on a slant without have to stuff a pillow underneath the mattress.

Plenty of spares
This applies to you as well as your baby for those sick episodes I have now resorted in 3 spare outfits for Layla-Rose on trips out and at least one spare for me. It goes without saying the washing machine is always on too. 

Weaning early
It's too early to say whether or not weaning at 5 months doing puree foods instead of waiting and beginning BLW at 6 months is helping her reflux but I shall keep you all updated!

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