What should I do with you?

The first few weeks went by in a blur and I was lucky enough to have my OH home with me for the first month but once he went back to work the days dragged and some days became unbearable. On more than one occasion I had to ring my other half to come home as I couldn't cope!

I soon discovered that the days I spent in the house were the worst and the the days. I felt I couldn't cope so I soon made a pact with myself that I would need to go out everyday even if it was just to the shop. Over the next few months however, I was able to find some good groups and activities to keep us both happy. Here is what a typical week looked like for me:

Monday - At the local sure start centre Mondays were the baby clinic day where you could go and get your baby weighed. As well as getting your baby weighed your child can play in the playroom and you can chat to the other mums.

Tuesday - We didn't really have much planned on a Tuesday so I used to either take Layla out to wander the shops or to get some odd jobs done. 

Wednesday - We headed to our local library. This was our favourite day of the week. At our local library they do a book start bear club where there is a song and story time. 

Thursday - This used to be baby massage day and then we moved on to swimming lessons for only a £1 a session at our local pool. 

Friday - As Tuesday we used to plan walks out or meet up with friends. 

I couldn't recommend finding your local sure start centre enough. There is always plenty going on and so much to do throughout the week. It is also a great place to meet other Mums. 

What does your week with your baby look like?

Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. Ah sounds like you've got it all sussed! We have great groups run by children's centres around here, too. It's so important getting out in those first few months. It's been a bit different for us as my partner works evenings (3pm-midnight ish) as he runs a pub so if we are out too much every day we don't get to spend time with him, so getting the balance right is a bit tricky! Your swim lessons are amazing value they are dead expensive here so we haven't bothered yet, but we have been swimming for fun a few times. #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Thank you for the comment! Aww at least you have your partner with you till 3 and then its only a few more hours until bedtime!


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